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Marrakech Amelkis
Ref: 745
picture 1 : Luxurious villa for sale in area of Amelkis in Marrakesh
9 500 000,00
  huge  villa of 1055 sqm  situated in prestigious residence of Amelkis in Marrakesh. Villa designed  with exceptional and unique  architecture. The main characteristic of this beautiful villa; it is its natural luminosity; all the rooms  were directed so as to l (...)
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Marrakech Hivernage
Ref: 1232
Picture 1 : For sale in Marrakesh ,3 bedrooms apartment in area of Hivernage in Marrakesh
3 306 000,00
Wonderful  apartment for sale in the district of the Hvernage in Marrakesh, Attractive apartment of 174 sqm  understading  3 bedrooms  with  a main bedroom  with  its bathroom and dressing , two other besrooms  with each its  cupboard, a well equipped (...)
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Marrakech Guéliz
Ref: 1341
Pciture 1 : long-term rental , furnished 2 bedrooms apartment in Marrakesh in area of Gueliz , luxuary apartment with a nice terrace
20 000,00 MAD / Mois
Very beautiful apartment situated in full city center of Marrakesh in the business district. Apartment of 2 bedrooms  nicely furnished with quality furniture.  it understands  2 big bedrooms  ; one bedroom  with its bathro(...)
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In the concern to get you an accommodation in a Moroccan legal framework, our legal service department will accompany you in your steps with the financial institutions with the aim of obtaining the financing of your real estate project or any other administrative procedure for obtaining your properties title deed.

Real Estate Neko Marrakesh

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Marrakech Rte sidi Abdellah ghiat
Ref: 1389
Picture 1 : For rent , house with a pool in area of Sidi abdellah el ghiate in Marrakesh
14 000,00 MAD / Mois

Magnificent small villa of countryside for  rent , situated in 25 minutes of Marrakesh on the road of sidi Abdellah el ghiate, this beautiful small villa is built on a surface of 300 sqm of living space   and a ground of 1400 sqm  with a very beautiful lawn and a beautiful wel (...)

Marrakech Route Tahanaout
Ref: 1376
Picture 1 : For rent , empty villa with a pool in Marrakesh , area  of  Road of tahanaoute
27 000,00 MAD / Mois

Nice villa of 4220 sqm  Garden, made up of two levels; the ground floor includes a big lounge with fireplace, a  traditional Moroccan lounge  , a dining room, a beautiful kitchen  with private entrance for maids ,  a toilet for geusts  . The first floor includes a ma (...)

Marrakech Targa
Ref: 1367
Picture 1 : For rent , furnished villa in Marrakesh , area  of Targa
15 000,00 MAD / Mois

This beautiful villa is situated in the prestigious district of Targa in Marrakesh, villa of 336 sqm , it consists of 3 levels, the ground floor which includes 3 lounges , a lounge  with fireplace, a traditional lounge , a modern lounge  with view on  the swimming pool, a well equi (...)

Marrakech Route de Fes
Ref: 1361
Picture 1 : For rent : furnished villa for long-term rental in Marrakesh , area of Road of Fes in Marrakesh , furnsiehd villa for rent in a coplex with a swimming pool
15 000,00 MAD / Mois

This magnificent villa intended for long-term rental is situated on the road of Fes in 15 minutes of the city center of Marrakesh, Beautiful villa of levels, at the ground floor, is a big lounge(show) opened on a good patio to brighten up it, 2 rooms(chambers), a well equipped cooking(kitchen) an (...)

Marrakech Assif
Ref: 1349
Photo1:Long-term rental, nice small villa in Assif, Marrakesh
8 000,00 MAD / Mois

We propose you this beautiful small villa in the district of Assif. it left as follows:   In RDC(GROUND FLOOR): 1 personal room with invited dining area and 1 shower, dress, 3 lounges, 1 office, cooking giving onto the garden and 1 entrance.   In the floor: 3 rooms, 1 lo (...)

Marrakech Targa
Ref: 1334
Picture 1 : Long-term rental , furnished villa in Marrakesh , area of Targa , villa with a swimming pool , secured coomplex
19 000,00 MAD / Mois

Here is a very beautiful furnished villa for  long-term rental. Villa of two levels, compound of 4 rooms, 3 bathrooms, a beautiful kitchen, a double lounge, a swimming pool and a terrace. Villas situated to Targa in a beautiful  and watched residence (...)

Marrakech Targa
Ref: 1309
For rent: furnished villa 6 bedrooms in Targa, marrakesh
25 000,00 MAD / Mois

We propose you in the long-term rental this magnificent big and beautiful villa in a quiet and secure residence. On two levels, she(it) understands(includes):   - RDC(ground floor): 1 room(chamber) staff with bathroom, lounge(show), dress(toilet) invited   - floor: 4 roo (...)

Marrakech Sidi Abbad
Ref: 1269
pic1:For rent : villa of 4 rooms in Aidi Abbad ,Marrakesh
12 000,00 MAD / Mois

Very big villa to be rented(praised) in the district of Sidi Abbad near the school Zola with a surface of 200 m ² she consists of 2 lounges , 1 dining room, 1 invited dress , 1 great large kitchen equipped with dining area .À the floor, 2 rooms , 1 room of showers, 1 parental room wit (...)

Marrakech Targa
Ref: 1262
For rent:empty villa of 3 rooms in Targa area ,Marrakesh
17 000,00 MAD /

Very beautiful villa in duplex to be rented in the district of safe Targa along a surface of 500 m ². This beautiful house is endowed with a very beautiful garden, with a swimming pool and with a fireplace .Elle consists of 3 rooms ,3 big lounges, 2 bathrooms with toilet and 1 kitchen on a l (...)

Marrakech Semlalia
Ref: 1248
picture 1: empty villa for long -term rent with a nice garden,
17 000,00 MAD / Mois

Here is a villa for a long-term rental located in a restful and secured area.There are three options of rental as follows. Commercial lease (3,6, 9), with a monthly rental of 17000 Dhs . Second option,lease for house, a deposit of 2000000 dhs (two million dirhams) recoverable at the end of lease (...)

Marrakech Route Ourika
Ref: 1247
picture 1 : Long-term rental , empty villa in area  of Road of ourika in Marrakesh , for rent , empty villa with  4 bedrooms and a swimming  pool
27 000,00 MAD / Mois

take advantage of this beautiful villa situated at only 20 minutes of  driving  form Marrakesh city center. Empty villa  for  long-term rental, Villa situated on the road of Ourika in a nice area with good neighborhood.  the house contains 4bedrooms ,  (every room wi (...)

Marrakech Guéliz
Ref: 1246
For long-term rent: empty villa of 2 bedrooms in guéliz ,marrakesh
8 000,00 MAD / Mois

Nice villa for long-term rent for your confortable settle in Marrakesh. (...)

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